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Research, Teaching & Clinical Services Related to Somatization

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The Centre for Emotions and Health focuses on the role of emotions and psychiatric disorders in health and illness behaviors as follows:
  • Training professional to diagnose and manage these problems using empirically validated brief therapies.
  • Treatment of a limited number of patients in an observable way through use of videotaping
  • Research into the most effective education and treatment approaches.
  • Research and education regarding the economic and social magnitude of the problem.

Who We Are

Allan Abbas

Richard Zehr

Joel Town

Allan Abbass, MD FRCPC
Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist & Director

Richard Zehr, MA

Dr. Joel Town, R.Psych 
Clinical Psychologist

Denise Bernier

Scott Milligan

Gretta Taylor

Denise Bernier, PhD

Scott Milligan, MD FRCPC
Gretta Taylor, MD CCFP
Family Physician and Psychotherapist


Dr Kostas Monas

Visiting professor from Thessaloniki Greece


Dr Sarah Nowowieski

Visiting faculty from Melbourne Australia

Dr Dion Nowowieski

Visiting faculty from Melbourne Australia



The Centre sees patients in consultation who have anxiety, stress linked physical problems or unexplained medical problems. For further information on how to refer, please call Sabrina at 472-4492.

Contact Us

Dr Allan Abbass is the Program Coordinator of the Centre for Emotions and Health as well as the Director of Education for the Department of Psychiatry at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. He has been training in, practicing, teaching and researching brief psychotherapies since 1990. He has presented workshops and courses to regional, national and international audiences.

For educational matters please contact:
Dr. Allan Abbass
Phone: 902-473-2514
Fax: 902-473-4545

For all clinical and patient matters please contact:
Sabrina Scott, Secretary
Phone: 902-473-7172
Fax: 902-473-1422

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Last updated:  June 11, 2013